Chapter Needs

Chapter Key Award Team

'The Chapter Key Award, the highest award given by STTI, recognizes a chapter for excellence in the categories of Leadership, Member Engagement, and Publicity and Recruitment, as well as noteworthy chapter accomplishments.
We are looking for several team members to work on this application. As a team, we will work to understand the application requirements and identify what activities we currently have in place and where we need work in order to meet the requirements.
We want Epsilon Theta to achieve this award‼
Please join our team - I assure you it will be fun!!

Leadership Opportunity

We are in need of volunteers! Student services does mock interviews with every graduating traditional BSN student. We bring in nurse managers and executives from the community to help interview the students to give them as realistic an interview experience as possible and give the student constructive feedback on how they did. If you might be interested please contact Carol Riazzi placement coordinator at 512-471-8563 or at

The dates for the mock interviews are October 1st, 3rd, 8th, 17th, 22nd, and 29th.    The sessions are from 10-2pm and are run in 45 minute blocks of time. Usually the community interviewers do two hour blocks either 10-12p or 12-2p.

If you are able we would be grateful. The students feel this is the most helpful part of preparing for graduation. Please email Dr. Leigh Goldstein if you are interested.